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Can you answer yes on these questions?

  • Do you battle with healthier options for that “something” that your family is craving for in between meals?
  • Have you been struggling with healthier options to pack for the road to your holiday destination?
  • Are you always battling with lunch boxes, wanting to give your family the healthier options but don’t have the time for preparations?

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This box is ideal for those in-between-meals snacks – convenient and ready to eat to sustain sugar levels and prevent cravings for unhealthy substitutes. Convenient and on-the-go – ideal for the road or to take to work or school, for adults and kids alike.

This box includes:

  • 10 packets 20g Deluxe Mix – a seed, nut and cranberry mix
  • 10 Ferm Up bars – sugar and wheat free, with no preservatives
  • 10 packets 20g packets of biltong – made with beef from a reliable source
  • 10 packets 20g Forest mix – contains raisins, almonds, cashews and brazils

We guarantee quality and freshness.

This box is courier to your door for FREE and could change your life!

Why you must eat Healthy In-Between-Snacks

You’ve heard it many times:

“Eat small but regular meals. Enjoy three smaller meals throughout the day and include 2 snacks.
When? During the morning (10h00 & 11h00) and afternoon (15h00 & 16h00)”.
Your snack should also be the right portion size in order for you to still control your energy intake.


It is important for your energy and blood sugar balance as well as a faster metabolism!
Small regular meals will prevent you from getting so hungry that you over indulge during meal times.
Your body and metabolism thrive on food.

If you don’t eat for long periods, your metabolism slows down to save energy, so your body is no longer able to process food efficiently. Then when eating a large meal – while your metabolism functions as if there is a famine – every kilojoule clings to your body. Make it a habit to enjoy healthy snacks between meals. By eating more often your body is in routine and knowing what is ingested can be consumed for energy because there is more to come!

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