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Answer these questions?

  • Do you need a quick meal replacement for an “on-the-go” lifestyle?
  • Or do you need that superfood boost for breakfast to get you going and sustain your energy levels?
  • Do you want to detox but the superfoods you need to support the process is too expensive and unaffordable?
  • Or maybe you want to shake a few kg’s and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you tired of drinking the same flavor shake every day?

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Then La Ferm has the ideal starting point. This box includes:

  • 5 x Beetroot and Berry Superfood Smoothie mix (IDEAL FOR DETOX)
  • 5 x White Active Superfood Smoothie mix (IDEAL FOR DETOX)
  • 5 x Green Superfood Smoothie mix (IDEAL FOR DETOX)
  • 5 x Caramel FERM UP (SUGAR FREE)
  • 5 x Chocolate FERM UP (SUGAR FREE)
  • 5 x Strawberry FERM UP (SUGAR FREE)
  • 1 x ShakeItOff Cup
  • PLUS:  Delicious smoothie recipes with a shopping list

We know that the pace of life and hectic schedules add to the pressure we place on ourselves and eating healthy is normally the first thing we compromise.

But to skip a meal would lead to tiredness, low blood sugar levels and overweight due to a slowed down metabolism.Simply said – all the healthy stuff you need, already in portions for convenience and cost benefit!

This box is couriered to your door for FREE and could change your life!

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