Winter Box

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Can you relate to any one of these questions?

  • Do you need some motivation to shake off some extra rolls at your waist while the scapegoats are covered under layers of clothes?
  • Do you wonder if it’s at all possible to live healthy and lose weight when it’s so cold and the days are so short?
  • Do you want to curl up on the couch with a nice cup of hot chocolate when the winter cold creeps closer AND LOSE WEIGHT?

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Out of stock


Let’s be honest with each other – it’s not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the cold winter months.  And to lose weight in the winter with a summer diet plan is tough.

La Ferm’s winter meal plan does not include cold salads and smoothies – but warm winter dishes making our Winter box a maintainable lifestyle.

You can look forward to soups, warm chocolate in front of the fireplace, biltong snacks and popcorn!

With THE WINTER Shake-it-Off Box’s sizzling hot exercise plan you will definitely fire up your metabolism to ensure a firm body for Spring!


What to expect from the Shake-it-Off WINTER box program:

The Box program includes not only the 3-week meal plan and 3-week exercise program with videos, but also a BOX that includes most of the dry products you would need to implement the meal plan and live healthier and lose weight and centimeters. All the information and guidelines you would need, are provided once off, on a memory stick in your box!

Shake-it-Off WINTER Box includes:

  • The 21-day meal plan with a shopping list for fresh ingredients, 21-day menu and delicious recipes (on USB in box)
  • An effective, balanced exercise program, spread over 21 days (plan, cards and videos included) (on USB in box)
  • And a Box, with 3 weeks’ meals packed in portions – include:
    • Variety of Low GI/ carb conscious breakfast options
    • Snacks for snack time – e.g. nuts, bars, biltong and popcorn
    • 3 flavors of FermUp shake for lunch during the week – already packed in portions
    • Soup, warm fruit salad mix surprise and hot chocolate

This box is courier to your door for FREE and could change your life!