How does the meal plan work?

La Ferm’s meal plan consists of a seven-day menu for each of the three weeks for the duration of the programme. It is a weekly meal plan which includes a shopping list to assist you in planning your meals for the week. Where the meals are note straight forward, recipes are provided.

With our Shake-it-Off programme we are really going to SHAKE! We use our FERM UP meal substitute,which is specifically formulated to include the ideal carbohydrate-protein-fat ratio for weight loss. FERM UP is combined with 2 other meals and snacks throughout the day. It is a practical, low-kilojoule, low-GI weight loss plan. You will feel REJUVENATED and HEALTHY, with the benefits of abundant energy and the bonus of shedding your extra weight (and maintaining it!).

Why are there six detox days in our meal plan?

Detox is necessary to give your liver a break – with our hectic schedules and so much to do, it is easy to grab quick meal options, thus creating an unhealthy lifestyle. We use artificial stimulants to boost our bodies, but we are in fact intruding in our bodies’ natural functions, which develops a cycle of bad habits.

But WHY do we detox?

To support our organs in optimally cleaning the body,

To help our organs to produce normal levels of hormones again, and

To increase our metabolism and burn fat.

Since the detox is aimed at giving your liver a break, no medication for headaches should be taken on these detox days. Drink plenty of water, eat earlier and sleep more. During the detox days, our exercise programme has also been adjusted so that your body doesn’t experience too much of a shock.