Our bodies are daily exposed to toxins due to exposure to air pollution, environmental toxins used to control insects and pests, cigarette smoke, alcohol, poor diets due to food high in preservatives, additives and sugar. These are all external toxins, but we also have internal toxins due to waste products after digestion as well as release of stress hormones like Cortisol and Adrenaline.

When these toxins are not neutralized or excreted out of your body it may lead to infections, organ dysfunctions, heart attacks, strokes and cancer. We are wonderful creations with a body that has the ability to naturally cleanse itself from toxins. This is done through our liver, kidneys, skin and bowel duct. Despite our bodies’ natural cleansing, an unhealthy lifestyle, no or too little exercise, unhealthy eating habits and the intake of external toxins (smoke, alcohol and medication) will still lead to a body filled with so many toxins that the natural cleansing will not function optimally and may need assistance.